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We collaborate with the Lean Institute of Turkey (LIT) for Lean transformation projects and Special training courses for organizational competitiveness and operational re-engineering coupled with a new problem-solving culture.

The area of expertise includes: Industrial Production, Ship building, Mining, Agriculture, Retail and Services, including Banking and the Health Care sector.

Since 2002 when the Lean Institute of Turkey was established to support businesses in Turkey compete successfully in the globalized economy, it has become the most successful among the 17 institutes that form the Global Lean Network, expanding in the Russian Federation, Middle East, Central Asia, North Africa and the Balkan area promoting the Lean philosophy and methodology.

Previous experiences of the Institute show that within 3 to 6 months , order to delivery lead time can be compressed by 60%-90%, inventory can be decreased by 40%-60%, efficiency can be increased by 20%-40% and quality can be improved by 15%-60% resulting in cost reduction and client satisfaction! That is productivity and competitiveness improvement!

LIT organizes every year focused Study Missions to Japan where Lean methodology was born for participants to gain greater insight in World Class Lean Methods, Teamwork and Leadership and collaborates with three organizations in Japan specializing in new engineering and production methods:

According to last published firm ranking sectorial reports the Lean Institute of Turkey:

  • Has worked with the 25% of the biggest 500 companies of Turkey and the 20% of the biggest 250 companies in the Bursa Province since 2011

  • Has been awarded a first level (best) special consultancy accreditation by the Turkish Government for the program named TURQUALITY, an accreditation awarded if certain criteria on profound global consultancy expertise are met

  • Has successfully participated in three Cluster Projects up to now subsidized by the Ministry of Economy, performing sector and organizational needs’ assessment for the furniture export business

  • A wide Restructuring Project was delivered in one of the biggest Industrial Zone Administration in Bursa

  • More than 600 companies have participated in various training programs and 170 firms have engaged in lean transformation projects with LIT with a great percentage being SMEs

  • For 2014-2015 LIT has been working working

  • with 45 companies on Lean Transformation projects and

  • on a holistic healthcare project at the Uludag University Academic Hospital (8500 employees and 155000 m2 area) for which in one year, on time delivery of pharmaceuticals has been improved from 93% to 99% (with the delivery lead time falling from 4 hours to 2 hours) and 1 million USD lost revenue per month has been recovered, implementing lean practices for the social security invoicing process.

Dedicated to knowledge sharing and celebrating success, every two years an International Lean Summit is organized where Consultants, Directors and Managers share their experiences and best practices!
The Last Lean Summit was held in Istanbul in 6-7 December 2015 with the participation of more than 700 attendants.
If you are participating in a lean project and wish to tell your experiences and gains to a large and highly esteemed audience, look for the next International Summit in 2017!