Special projects

Like all companies and partnerships we have a good customer and project portfolio. As we are involved in change management projects, it is a Principle of ours not to talk about them. Over the years, our customers have rewarded us with exeptional WOM for that.

The projects that we present are projects that have received some kind of publicity and it is agreed to be presented.


Photos from one of our projects with London Transport (TFl) where we also used Lean methods and tools.

Photos from various projects using our lean NoWaste® training programme in construction in preparation for the London Olympics 2012. NoWaste® was one of the main training programmes and is now part of the Olympic Legacy.

Over the years we have helped companies that really respect their employees to offer a useful career planning support during down-sizing projects.

We have received total satisfaction to follow our coachees as they re-design their career paths with confidence, making the right decisions in regards to a new employment or opening up their own business.

Photos from the application of NoWaste® programme at the Clinton Devon Estates in cooperation with Greenfile Developments Ltd, a business comprising organic dairy farming, forest and heathland management and horse trial arena where the various client (teams also from the administration and accounting departments joined in)  were coached to identify and analyse process issues as well as develop solutions towards cost reduction and service quality improvement.

Supported UK based SMEs on business, service and sales development with training workshops and mentoring. Sectors included: Retail, Cosmetics, Catering, Consultancy, Construction, Fashion and IT. The business model was reviewed and adapted or strengthened with the right management systems and operations including a holistic communications strategy (internal-external). 

Please view the comment of Mrs Daisy Chatterton, Head of Strategic Projects.  

We have made possible a complete course on Lean management both for the services and production sectors with in house exercises and modules on the kaizen culture, motivation, marketing and sales.