Business Relationships Coaching

Self-awareness is the beginning of our personal, social and professional development. Our acquired skills and knowledge are important, but the way we behave and consequently the image that the others create of us, most of the times, determine the level of our success.

The better we can understand our aims, the others and the wider environment, the easier it becomes to evaluate our choices, act and communicate effectively. Our image is not something we create. It is what the others create according to our behaviour both conscious and unconscious. However, identifying how and why others perceive us, enables us to manage certain behavioural aspects in a positive way.

Progress Through - Personal Development

In the professional arena, self-awareness will lead us 1. to choose professional positions where our skills will be appreciated and developed or 2. to partner with those who will counteract our weaknesses, contributing to the success of the project mingling their skills with ours.

Within a social environment, comprehending your behaviour, your professional choices and contribution from a two dimensional perspective (own view and others’ perception), constitutes a significant step towards better relationships, career management and personal fulfilment.

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