Lean Competitiveness

lean operations

Lean is a word that is used a lot nowadays. Quite right as it reflects a business management methodology that links the Principles of Marketing, Economics, Operations and People's management together. 

It was designed and developed by Toyoda (now Toyota) after the WWII and it has evolved to include practices for the Office Environment (apart from industrial production), Logistics (with great examples actually), the Hospital and Care sector, the Retail, the Education, the Agricultural and the Construction sector. 

What is impressive with Lean is that it is simple! It's practices and methods are highly practical, easy to understand and to master and for everybody in the organisation (managers, non managerial employees, workers). 

Our services include consultation and High Impact Training on problem solving, marketing & sales, business model refinement and aligning your operations. 

You do not need to use all the Lean Techniques available; actually there are only a very few companies that have embedded the Lean Philosophy and Methodology into their culture and business model.

However, Lean problem solving and customer focused operational practices and planning  are extremely useful in today’s competitive environment where costs increase continuously and customers become more demandant. 

We have designed a series of seminars and workshops totally adaptable to your challenges and needs aiming at equipping your People with the knowledge to deliver improvements on your business idea, speed to market, quality of service and operational alignment at a lower cost. 

The Targets of Lean


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