Communications Management including Social Media

The way your organisation approaches your audience and customers is of utmost importance.

For us, this approach does not only include the medium, the style and the content of your advertising and non-advertising communications but the way these are understood and supported by your people and business partners, as well.

We advise you for a thorough evaluation and/or design of your communications strategy and effectiveness to identify and avoid overpositioning and underpositioning results.

Together, we will analyse your market and communications’ targets, research information on customer behaviour and competition and will design the communications tactics and messages that will support your strategy reviewing content, website usability and effectiveness, PR and advertising style and agents including Social Media.

Equally, we will look at your organisational practices to diffuse the right customer service (internal & external) and continuous improvement ethos, suggesting additional initiatives if applicable.

Αt this stage, we would like to mention our unique reputation/image development services by an esteemed team of journalists who will help you shape your communications strategy in reputable business magazines, radio stations and newspapers.  

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