Sales Skills and Medical Detailing Training

Sales skills and medical detailing training

We have done sales ourselves for more than 30 years and we do deliver workshops on sales, medical detailing and negotiations that are designed per sector. Below you can look at our selected workshops which we have designed with great care: 

  • Key Account Management

  • Medical Detailing 

  • Lean Sales

  • Customer Service

  • Sales skills development

  • Selling strategies (B2B)

  • Selling strategies (B2C)

  • Sales management

  • Sales techniques (workshop)

  • Cultural sensitive Negotiations for results

However, we prefer to deliver these workshops per individual company as we work closely with the participants on the ‘right’ questions, answers and tactics appropriate for their challenges, customer segments and circumstances.

In case you wish to refresh your sales skills tactics for an international expansion, we are happy to inform you of our expertise in managing communications for Middle East, the Balkan area, Russia and Africa.

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