Cultural sensitive negotiations


Your products and services have gained the interest of Senior Management and Buyers and the crucial negotiations’ point has arrived….

Are you aware that gaining client’s interest has a failing result of 85% to materialise into concrete business results? By this we do not mean just the refusal to cooperate after a series of meetings but a cooperation signed without fulfilling your targets in terms of price and/or quantity, in many instances having to invest in promotional expenses as well,  without having any clear intentions or action programs from the Buyers’ side.

Being well prepared is so very important!

We have coordinated many successful negotiations and we can certainly help you design your negotiations’ strategy based on your needs as well as your supplier's or client's, including refining your people’s negotiations’ skills with tailor made workshops. However, we can even participate in the negotiations' meetings with you to support you on any difficult curve. 

Look at:

  • Which markets and how? We help you make the right decision

  • Entering foreign markets: Get better organised!

  • Training on International marketing


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