Venturing in Greece, Turkey & Estonia

Where to Invest?  

Greece, Turkey and Estonia present many opportunities and challenges for investors.

expert advice for expansion in Greece, Turkey and the Balkan area

In cooperation with Kuleli Attorneys at Law and WPS Partners we are confident that we can advise you well on any market and sector you are thinking to invest in as well as on the best entry and market development strategy.

Turkey is an interesting country to expand to but equally challenging in terms of location, costs and competition. Our expertise will protect you against decisions that might harm your strategic intent and finnacial viability. 

Similarly, we have developed a wide range of networks for investments in Greece. We are aware that many investors think that Greece does not present any opportunities.

That is not true. Greece is in a difficult situation but then, many countries are although with less press coverage. Moreover, Greece presents many opportunities in the Tourism and Hospitality sector, Fashion, Jewellery, Agricultural production, Chemicals, Packaging, Design, even IT and Energy or health promoting drinks. 

Equally, Estonia presents great opportunities especially in IT projects as well as in Retail. 

Looking forward to discussing with you your plans! 


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