Which markets and how? We help you make the right decision

Deciding to venture into foreign markets bears so many opportunities as risks which are not so easy to assess especially when it is your first time.

Stages of international market entry review

Over the years we have helped many different companies to expand successfully and we are proud that we are able to help you along your decision making route in regards to markets, how to enter, which products with and the level of adaptation needed as well as the communications tools and messages necessary to support your initiative against competition.

You can rely on our team and assessment tools to evaluate market phases and targets, distribution channels, purchase behavioural patterns and competition among others, putting the right hierarchy of decisions and actions!

If you plan to venture in Greece, Turkey and the Balkan area we are proud to announce our cooperation with Kuleli Attorneys at Law in Turkey and WPS Partners consultancy (which specialise in Incorporation services, Merger & Acquisition advisory as well as Trust & Foundation services).

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