Training on International Marketing

A successful business is successful because the people and the teams involved know about strategy, operations, metrics and how to gain customers.

Our training seminars are designed to diffuse knowledge without chatter and are based on the principles of accelerated learning including many exercises on individual and team level.
In case of in company seminars, the exercises comprise of real business cases, offering the opportunity of immediate practice!

For Internationalisation initiatives we suggest:

  • Principles and Practices of International Marketing 

  • Marketing Metrics

  • Global supply chain management

  • Cultural Negotiations

  • Key Account management

  • Serving International Customers

  • Redesigning operations

Look at:

  • Which markets and how? We help you make the right decision

  • Entering foreign markets: Get better organised

  • Negotiations

  • Lean Competitiveness - Lean change workshops - Lean Marketing and Sales 

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