High Impact - Value adding - Workshops

1. Espresso - Problem Solving

We recommend this workshop for all companies (smaller and bigger) that want to create or strengthen a problem solving culture. Ideal as a Lean taster and with participants experiencing how to solve problems without any escalation on personal level, introducing a NO BLAME and continuous improvement culture

This workshop also includes a course for managers on Gemba (Be there where Value is created)

2. Defining your customer's journey (Design the Future)

Things can be better managed when they are simple and transparent.

Visualising your operational reality, you can understand the various issues and perspectives better! This gives you and your team another working dimension as problems are decoded, the renowned Value Chain is finally understood and Customer Focus takes its real meaning.

Ideal for business that want a greater operational flexibility and necessary for all new businesses as a means to get better organised against competition.

Immediate results. It is combined very well with the Espresso Problem Solving workshop.

This course is adapted to client's organizational level of operations management and can include the following: 

  • Value Stream Mapping 
  • Lean Project Management 
  • Standard work 
  • Flow - Pull systems 
  • Strategic PDCA 

3. The Lean Leader

Being a Leader or a manager or both, in our opinion requires some technical skills and some communications skills. This is a course that includes modules on: Lean Principles

  • Motivation, Coaching and Performance appraisal
  • Managing your own work, Analysing and Managing worksflows
  • Teambuilding and 
  • Personal Development 

This course may include Belbin profiling which we have successfully incorporated with Lean Leadership Principles 

4. Lean Marketing & Sales

Marketing and Sales departments’ effectiveness depends on their operations!

Decode the gaps between the departments, streamline the decision making process at all levels, standardise the practices that work and manage your resources better!

Ideal for businesses with issues around market or product development or for businesses that want to introduce a ‘No blame’ culture without ignoring commitment to targets and service quality.

This workshop features a mix of marketing and lean techniques.

5. Lean in Human Resource Management 

Lean can help you benchmark operations, measure productivity, strengthen teamspirit, consolidate fairness as well as align HR operations for quality, speed and at less cost. 

HR Professionals learn how their work can be measured to show how they provide value, an increasingly demanding dimension! 

6. Mapping out errors 

This workshop is recommended for businesses and professionals with complex projects, change management projects or with new product/services development projects.

It equips participants with the knowledge and tools to design out problems (errors, mistakes, and risks), shaping a flexible and efficient project plan

7. Lean Production (in cooperation with the Lean Institute of Turkey or Orgprom - Russia)

Highly recommended for all industrial production companies that want to introduce more efficient and competitive practices. As such, all the Lean Production Methodology is taught through presentations, discussions, exercises and case studies.

8. Accredited cource on Lean Management

Please email us: info@progressthrough.com if you are interested in an accredited course on Lean Management or Lean Change Management

9. Special workshops

We also offer you the opportunity to visit Lean Production companies in Turkey, Russia and Japan to discuss first-hand about their experience with Lean in cooperation with the Lean Institute of Turkey - Member of the Global Lean Network and Orgprom in Russia. 

Contact us for a detailed brief.