Lean in Education

Lean is now being taught in the most progressive universities in U.S.A., Italy and elsewhere but my aim here is to present you how lean is actually used to improve internal organisation in Universities and Educational institutes in aim to faster and better response (coupled with savings) to their clients (professors and lecturers).

The pictures show some initial analysis of the operations and processes from the HR department of the university I graduated from in the U.K.


After the initial analysis more information is gathered and analysed concerning the type of problems/issues found, their impact and cause in problem solving workshops.
Solutions are categorised for their effectiveness on pre-selected criteria (using the methodology known as House of Quality) and the implementation and evaluation plan is designed and put to action!

It is important to say that parallel to lean/problem solving workshops, seminars on communications are very helpful in order to equip team members with the skills of gathering information, motivating and managing change!

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