Lean in Municipality Services

Focusing on evaluating and improving operations for better services in terms of quality and speed of response with less resources is not (and should not be) an aim of the for profit organisations, only!

Dr Uly Ma and Anastasia Marinopoulou have supported various initiatives proposed and introduced from members of staff with short or longer training programmes and consultation services towards resource maximisation, cost containment and job satisfaction, always tailored around tight work schedules (LSBU - DMS course) 

  • Municipality: Southwark U.K.

  • Service Department: Southwark External Lighting Department

  • Project’s target: Reduce time for lights repairs.

  • Background: Southwark External Lighting Department is responsible for more the 17,000 street lights and around 3,500 illuminated road signs and bollards, as well decorative bridge lighting, tree lighting and artistic lighting installation. Operational procedures were evaluated once, twenty years ago and the pressure for better services at less cost –as government spending is reduced – is increasing

  • Project’s implementation: A team was formed with people interested in bringing in new methods who started mapping what was going on from start to finish using Value Stream mapping. Problems were identified, the exact duration of each phase was recorded and further analysed and ideas on pre-selected criteria were brainstormed and categorised. After reality was accurately mapped and ideas were categorised per effectiveness, the implementation plan was developed!!!

  • Results: Cost reduction by 83,7%, saving £24,502.37, the adoption of a paperless process saving 12,636 pieces of A4 paper per annum and 98.3% of reactive repairs completed within 3 day of the job being issued

The new process chosen reflects the innovative orientation of the Lighting Department introducing real time on job completing via electronic works orders and increased accountability as the new process allows each job to be assigned to individuals.  


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