Culture and Work climate

•Is your organisation open to change?

•Are you ready to face different management styles, a common theme during internationalisation initiatives?

•Do your share the same image of your organisation with your customers?

•How do you react to crisis and conflict?

•How innovative is your organisation?

•Which is the climate? Cooperative, open, mystic?

Many internationalization initiatives have failed because of the inability of management and sales executives to understand, respect and adapt to different business and management practices.

Many organisations promote medieval climates of secrecy and fierce rivalry, imprisoning or exiling any innovative ideas and many others, view their sales drop and their alliances estrange because of the way a crisis was managed.

You may spend a lot of money on training, marketing activities and technology but these will never be that effective if your organisational culture does not enable the Values that will help you achieve customer intimacy, inclusion, fairness and adaptability.

Building a cooperative culture We conduct specialised researches which inform and advise you on the level of operational maturity, change readiness, ethnocentric intensity, cultural type, working climate and complacement status.

Successful organisations identify, protect and develop what makes them unique and competitive.

It is in the best of your interest to find out what your employees think of their work environment as much as it is for you to know what the clients think of you.
(The little things that are usually hidden but which make the big difference when understood).


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