We design and deliver seminars and workshops on a variety of subjects from Strategic Planning to Crisis Management and from Sales Management to Gemba (workshop on go-learn-collaborate-decide-do)

We also offer training on Lean Problem solving with a verified certificate from Greenfile Developments Ltd and specialised Lean training (TPM, Work levelling, Just in Time, Advanced Logistics Management) in collaboration with the Lean Institute of Turkey.

Most of our training programs can also be included as part of the L.A.E.K. initiative with the corresponding monetary state support or as part of other Greek and E.U. initiatives (applicable only in Greece).

Please, view a sample of our training programme as follows:

Strategy and Marketing Planning

  • Strategic Planning: The rules 

  • Competitive strategy and Internationalisation

  • Marketing planning and Metrics

  • Marketing and Social Media

  • The new face of Retail

  • Neuromarketing

  • Archetypes and Branding

  • Key Account Management

Sales and Sales Management

  • Bridging Marketing and Sales

  • Great Customer service

  • Sales techniques (B2C)

  • Sales Management

  • Medical Detailing 

  • Selling successfully in today’s markets (B2B)

  • Improving selling skills (workshops)

  • Cultural sensitive Negotiations for results

Crisis Management

  • What to do and what not to do in crisis.

  • Advanced Crisis Workshop on a real business case 

  • Reputation Management

Operations and Lean Management

  • Lean Espresso workshop

  • Lean Marketing and Sales

  • Lean Production

  • Lean HR 

  • Mapping Operational Reality (workshop)

  • Quality function deployment (workshop to design and plan new policies, products and services)

  • Gemba walk (management communications workshop)

  • The Lean Leader 

Human Resource Development

  • HR ROI

  • Problem solving Teambuilding (workshop)

  • Accreditation course on Belbin® methodology (for managers, HR professionals, psychologists)

  • Recruitment and Induction: the basis of your organisational culture

  • Job profiling (workshop)

  • Time Management

  • Leading Change

  • Talent Management

  • Performance Management

  • Performance Evaluation skills ( workshop for managers)

  • Personal Development and Coaching frames   

Special subjects

  • City Branding

  • Trends for Tourism

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