Fit for job

So you have a crucial post to fill in and you consider many candidates.
Will you base your decision on friendly advice or will you decide on how well the candidate performed during the interview?

You could also use of course those free psychometric tests on the internet but then, they do not give you any advice on the candidate and his/her ideal placement, communication style, competencies, weaknesses and development vis a vis your organisational culture.

We recommend the Belbin® expert systems to profile the job and the candidates, examining the skills and the behaviour the candidate will have under various circumstances and in relation to his/her colleagues, managers and subordinates.

Certainly, you have the experience of successful people making deadly mistakes in other posts or ‘unexpected’ superb performance by others.

Using Belbin® methodology, very easily you will get the right information on what to ask and what to look for during your interview with a particular candidate together with suggestions on his/her best placement, supervision and development.

At this point, we would like to make it clear that it is not another psychometric test. It assesses work behaviour (not personality) which we find more appropriate!

Whether you are recruiting externally or internally you can use Belbin® methodology to identify the ideal synthesis of teams per project, evaluate performance and potential even create your own cultural DNA with its holistic introduction.


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